Makes Everyday a Holiday...

Waverock Homes


Imagine waking up every day to a place that rejuvenates your spirit and refreshes your senses. This is what Waverock Homes can do for you. A home  where you can unwind, relax, and recharge your batteries while appreciating the beauty of the ocean and the green nature around.

Whether you are lounging in the sunlit living room, cooking a meal in your nice kitchen, or soaking in a bath, you'll feel like you're on a permanent vacation because of the panoramic ocean view and great nature around you.  Waverock Homes makes every normal day  a holiday.


A Semi-furnished Beach House
Customized Beach Home
Subdivided Beachfront/Beach Lot

A newly built beachfront/beach house which is ready for occupancy. Built with major features needed to live comfortably. All you need to do is rock up, turn the key and live your dream. You can check out my current project/s.

Perhaps you would like to have creative control over every part of your future home. I and my team can customize a design for you and build it base on your needs and budget. In this option you can purchase the land and hire my team to build it.

If you are considering to manage the construction of your own home and is looking for a perfect location, I am happy to present to you our inventory of subdivided beachfront/beach lots available for sale.

Our Current Project

We are thrilled to introduce our almost completed beach house in Afga Tangalan Aklan. After months of hard work and dedication, our team has put the finishing touches on this stunning property. We can't wait to welcome guests to this luxurious space and provide them with an unforgettable experience. Our beach house is the perfect place to relax and create lasting memories.